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The Best OWCP Doctors for Injured Postal Workers

If you’ve been injured working for the United States Postal Service the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) affords you the right to choose your own treating doctor. Listed below are several reasons injured federal workers in the Chicago area choose Dr. Petrone and the team of DOL Doctors at his clinic: Experienced in properly treating […]

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Did You Know You Can Get Your Money Back?

Seemingly everyone wants to lose weight, but no one wants to lose money. I was recently at a union meeting, and when I mentioned that the folks there could get the money back they paid on their workers comp injury, well let’s just say, I had everyone’s attention. And then I mentioned how they could […]

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How Can VA Services Be Improved?

One Congressman wants to conduct a nationwide survey of veterans to find out what they feel needs reforming at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Read the entire article

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Postal Worker Healthcare Reform

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The government would save billions of dollars in health care costs for federal employees and retirees under a U.S. postal service reform act pending on Capitol Hill, although much of the long-term “savings” claimed by advocates may be achieved by massive cost-shifting. Read the entire article

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